Frequently Asked Questions

Zions Custom Containers will deliver for $2.5/Mile!

20ft standard  -------------- 8’ x 8’ 6” x 20’
20ft High Cube ------------- 8’ x 9’ 6” x 20’
40ft standard --------------  8’ x 8’ 6” x 40’
40ft High Cube ------------  8’ x 9’ 6” x 40’
45ft High Cube ------------  8’ x 9’ 6” x 45’
53ft High Cube ------------ 8’ 6” x 9” 6” x 53’

On average, a 20ft shipping container weighs between 4,400 lbs to 5,000 lbs. How much does a 40ft shipping container weigh? Between 8,000 lbs to 9,000 lbs. Weight varies by manufacturer and height. (Standard height 8 ft 6 in and High Cube 9ft 6 in)

Shipping containers are made out of Corten Steel or weathering steel.

We do not. Most purchases are under $10,000 and without a title, this makes things difficult for banks. We’ve been told by credit unions, the best way to secure financing is to apply for an unsecured line of credit!

We deliver anywhere and everywhere physically possible.

Call us today, and a specialist will walk you through your buying decision.

Yes! Zion Custom Container can help you position your shipping container into whatever spot you desire! On average this service cost $200, call today for a custom quote!

Zions Custom Containers on average takes around 20 minutes to show up, position, unstrap, and dump your shipping container.

Price on all dry van shipping containers varies monthly due to supply and demand. At the time this was created, 53ft Shipping Containers cost around 23k new, and around 18-20k used.

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