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Container Grade info


Most Dry Van Shipping Containers (about 90%) are manufactured in China where they are then loaded with cargo and shipped to the United States of America and other Countries around the world. “One Trip Shipping Containers” are containers that have been on one trip to transport goods and cargo from China, to coastline ports like the LA port, Houston port, and New york port where they are accounted for, inspected and sold throughout America.
Loading the new shipping containers with supplies cuts the cost for me and you to buy significantly with the majority of the cost falling on those larger companies who originally ordered the goods from china. As a result, you can expect One Trip Shipping Containers to have minor imperfections such as small dings and scratches on the frame. One Trip Containers are the nicest shipping containers available to the public today!

Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers (CW)

Looking for a clean and sound storage solution? Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers are your best bet! These Containers usually range from about 5 to 15 years old and have been approved by a Marine Surveyor for another trip across the big waters. This makes cargo worthy shipping containers a great alternative option for storage and extra work spaces. We guarantee these containers will keep your personal belongings out of the weather and free from mice and other vermin! With cargo worthy however, you can expect signs of wear and tear, for example, 1 to 3 weld patches, 1 or 2 floor repairs, some dings, possible rust spots, and paint blemishes.

Wind and Water Tight Shipping Containers (WWT)

Wind and Water Tight Shipping Containers are for the budget conscious buyer looking to keep tools, hay, and other valuable goods or assets out of the rain and sun. How do these differ from Cargo Worthy? Wind and Water Tight Containers are in rougher shape having many more dings, welds, floor repairs, and rust. As a result of years in service, (10 – 20 years) Wind and Water Tight Shipping Containers fail the Cargo Worthy inspection. This doesn’t necessarily make these containers useless, just unfit to be loaded with 60,000lbs, stacked 8 high, and tossed around on an active ocean.