Modify Shipping Containers For The Perfect Use!

The available container inventory differs from the client’s requirements, so many clients want modifications depending on the intended use of the containers. Zion Custom Containers adds windows, doors, insulation, and shelves and refurbishes the containers as per the client’s specifications without affecting the structural integrity of the containers. We provide modified shipping containers for sale to customers in Arizona and other parts.


We offer three door options: Personnel or man doors, garage style roll up doors, and eco doors

The personnnel or man door, are designed to give quick and easy acccess in and out of your shipping container. Our standard 36″*80″ exterior man
doors have a primed metal exterior finish and a solid wood core. These are hung on a custom built metal frame that is welded to the walls of your
container and come with a dead bolt and knob as seen in the photos below. This enhances the security of portable settings while keeping your
personal belongs safe and free from the enviroment making this the perfect addition in your new found living, work, or storage space!

Roll-up doors, also called overhead doors, are common in commercial storage structures as they provide safety, security, and long-term reliability. They are lightweight, lockable, and easy to unlatch. The company welds this door into the container wall and installs it quickly at the end of the container or side walls. The roll-up doors are suitable when the container stores large equipment or the user needs frequent access to the equipment or bulk goods. Zion Custom Containers provides complete roll up doors service Utah.

Large sliding glass eco doors allow more sunlight if the buyers use the container as a nomadic dwelling. They can close or open such doors depending on the requirement for ventilation. Zion Custom Containers installs eco doors in containers to make them liveable.

Zions Custom Containers offers Man doors, roll up doors and, eco doors to meet your every need! 


(Windows are the perfect way to naturally light up your
newly found space! We offer a standard-select 3’x3’
window, in a welded tube-steel frame, finished with caulk
and paint.

We modify One Trip Shipping Containers here in Utah
with personnel doors and windows. The added light and
ventalation makes for a convient, functional space on
your site!

Close Cell insulation

Some buyers store or transport temperature-sensitive items in containers, requiring insulated space. We provide close cell insulation 2″ (R-12) and 3″ (R-18) thick to provide protection for temperature-sensitive materials. 

Connect with our customer service executive to discuss modification requirements for better practical use.

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